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No job too big, no job too small KRT can do them all.

Since our founding in 2018 KRT Security has grown to become a reputable, customer orientated company providing specific services as per the customers needs and desired results.

Our engineers have years of experience and are fully qualified to carry out every service provided.

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Protecting your property is an essential these days, so we offer a range of packages with different costs and options to suit everyone. We understand that alarm systems can not be the most stylish but here at KRT we have many options to discreetly hide the products but also offer a range of modern touch screen key pads to be designed to fit with you needs and styles.
Popping out and remembered you forgot to set the alarm? No worries, we offer a system that you can set and disable your alarm from your mobile devices. Also this system will notify you when your alarm is going off.


Keeping an eye on your property can be effortless with our top of the range cameras. There are many options available to meet every ones needs. A great feature we offer is the ability to live steam your cameras and play back on your mobile devices from anywhere (as long as internet connection is made). Cameras can range from standard to the latest colour night vision cameras. We offer a wide affordable range to fit your needs.


Security is important inside and out of the property. Here at KRT Security we understand the importance of the security of access to areas of the property and so we offer a vast range of solutions to achieve this. We cover a variety of solutions from card access to intercoms and many more.


Securing the area around you property can play a vital roll to keeping it secure. With gates and barriers you can have control of the access to your property giving you peace of mind with who is entering the premises. There are many types of gates and barriers we can offer for all types of premises.


Here at KRT Security solutions we understand the importance of after care and that products will need maintaining with a service. We offer a high standard service package to not just products we have installed but existing products you may already have installed.

If you are experiencing any problems with a system please do get in contact with us whether its a system we have installed or a pre existing system you may have. We have years of experience with technical fault finding to which we have repaired many systems and got them up and running smoothly again. 

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